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In today's modern scientific era, different types of diseases have surrounded a man. Mental stress, depression, more hard work and to carry out non-routine chores are some of the causes of growing diseases.

Our Organization is trying to provide a happy, peaceful and a healthy life to a common man so that he can be protected from diseases.

With this ambition, we are trying to provide free services for last many years. Keeping in view your convenience, we have formed a medical panel to diagnose and treat different types of general & complicated diseases. Based on your submitted information, the panel diagnoses the disease & provides you the treatment. For your convenience, there are separate forms for men diseases, women diseases and for general diseases inquiries. Please click on one of the following forms and make sure that you select the appropriate one.

Dua Online

Every Friday in Azeemia Jama Masjid (Markazi Muraqba Hall Surjani Town, Karachi) the program of Meditation (Muraqba) arranged under the supervision of Famous Spiritual Scholar Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi in which after reciting of Darood Sharif & Ayat-e-Karima specially Prayer (Dua) for poor & ill peoples. For your convenience Qureshi Health Care have a facility of Online Prayer (Dua) forms. If you want to Prayer (Dua) for you & your relatives or someone else please fill & Submit this form.

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